Power Glide Children's Edition Latin

Power Glide Children's Edition Latin

Power Glide Children's Edition Latin

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Power-Glide Children's Courses
(for Pre K-4th grade)
The Power-Glide Children's Course was designed for homeschoolers, students, and all children Pre K - 4th grade. Course activities are designed specifically with these learners in mind and include matching games, story telling, speaking, drawing, creative thinking, acting, and guessing--all things which children do for fun. Available for 3 levels of curriculum in Spanish, French, and German, and for 1 Level in Latin.

This package includes 1 Workbook, 4 Audio CDs, and a Parent’s Guide




"Foreign Language instruction should begin at the elementary level while the child's brain is absorbing information like a sponge. Power-Glide has made learning a second language easier for the younger crowd with it's introduction of their foreign language series for children. With their past successes in innovative curricula for middle and upper grades, Power-Glide is a company parents can trust for quality instruction. Learning a second language is easy and affordable and should be considered part of the foundation of the elementary age years. Parents can't go wrong in choosing products from Power-Glide! 
- Susan Moore, Family Reviews

"Power-Glide delivers what it promises. With this course you won't be intimidated to teach foreign language. Every successful lesson learned will motivate you to move on to the next one. People will wonder where you child "prepped." More important than the snob appeal, using Power-Glide will open doors for your children that will carry into adulthood." 
- Kathy von Duyke, Editor, Konos Helps

"As one who designs educational programs for individual student in our school, I must tell you how impressed I have been with the Power-Glide material. I was able to examine the second year course material for our community college. Power-Glide's course is more comprehensive." 
- Linda Ritner, Director, Pleasant Hill Academy