Reading African American Autobiography

Reading African American Autobiography

Reading African American Autobiography


Twenty-First-Century Contexts and Criticism
Edited by Eric D. Lamore

Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography
William L. Andrews, Series Editor

Fresh looks at life narratives, from the 1760s to Barack Obama

This relevant new volume translates the canon of African American experience. The authors share the historically invisible lives, texts, genres, and combined with innovative methods of critique. Exploring a new understanding of autobiography, photography, comics, blogs and other outlets of expression.

This book also examines at length the proliferation of African American autobiography in the twenty-first century, noting the roles of digital genres, remediated lives, celebrity lives, self-help culture, non-Western religious traditions, and the politics of adoption.

The life narratives studied range from an eighteenth-century criminal narrative, a 1918 autobiography, and the works of Richard Wright to new media, graphic novels, and a celebrity memoir from Pam Grier.