Sarah Language Little Doll - Used

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These dolls are out of print, however you can get them used in good condition, new ones are more expensive when available.


Language Littles Speaking Dolls
These soft-bodied, sixteen-inch plush dolls represent children from France, Italy, China, Japan, Israel, Germany, Greece, Russia and Spanish-speaking countries, and are expressly designed to represent many ethnic backgrounds, as opposed to the blonde, blue-eyed prototype so often seen on toy store shelves. What makes them unique is their ability to introduce foreign language to children from preschool through grade school. Unlike other speaking dolls, Language Littles have a human recordedvoice. Simply press one of the dolls hands and she will recite a serieof "kid friendly" phrases. Press the other hand and she will count, recite colors, and/or days of the week; press a heart on the doll's knee and she will respond by saying "I love you". Each doll offers a direct translation from English to her designated language with perfect inflection. They offer such instant rewards that kids will delight in showing off their 'fluency' in a new language, while keeping them gleefully occupied.