Shandaa In My Lifetime Book

Shandaa (In My Lifetime) by Herbert, Belle ; Peter, Katherine Belle Herbert lived all of her very long life -- perhaps 128 years -- in and around the village of Chalkyitsik on the Black River. Belle’s lively memories of life in this region of the upper Yukon River before she met any white person are captured here as she told them to her grandchild. She tells of the hard nomadic life as her people moved camp and set up heavy moosehide tents while the men hunted. She talks about marriage, religion, traditional cooking, the first airplanes, and the conveniences of modern ways. Belle’s stories are presented in Gwich’in with English translations and are illustrated with many photographs by Rob Stapleton and drawings by Sandy Jamieson. Includes illustrations, photos, maps. Language: Gwich'in (GA15)

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