SPANISH FOR KIDS: Early Language Learning System (Spanish in just 20 minutes) Kid Start Spanish - 4 DVDs + Music CD + Large Book + 50 Flashcards + Games + Apps included

Children can start learning multiple languages even before birth. Research shows the earlier the better!

¿What makes Kid Start Spanish different?
By teaching a single word or phrase at a time Kid Start Spanish provides all of the proven benefits of full immersion, in an environment that is clear and intuitive for the child. When a child doesn't understand or is lost, they lose interest, quickly! Once that interest is lost, it's not easy to get it back. This is exactly where full immersion programs typically fail, as the child can become frustrated by the fact that they're not familiar with any of the words and therefore lose interest. Kid Start even includes Subtitles so English speaking parents can follow along.
Kid Start Spanish uses full immersion Spanish in a way that is clear and simple for children of all language backgrounds to learn. Our program follows a natural progression of language similar to a child's language development at home.
Today, modern technology can be used to learn a new language in just minutes a day. Kid Start Spanish uses modern technology to bring a full immersion environment to your home!

Kit Includes:
Complete learning system includes 4 DVDs, 1 Music CD with all original songs, 50 Baby Proof Word Flashcards, 1 Large Book of Opposites, 20+ Card Memory Game, Mobile Video Subscription, Iphone/Ipad Kids Spanish Learning App.

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