Speak to Me English as a Second Language DVD/book ESL for Portuguese Speakers

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This package includes three levels with a book and three Dvd's per level, for a total of three books and nine dvd's. The books are bilingual with the language of your choice, the video portion is all in English allowing the students to learn to converse naturally in the target language without distracting translations. 

This edition comes with Portuguese text you can also choose

to get the text in Vietnamese, German, Korean, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish. 

In our experience Speak to Me is very effective for beginning and lower intermediate students of English,.

Speak to Me is successfully used by many libraries including the Seattle Public Library, by schools, and by thousands of students and groups. 


Students will learn how to speak and comprehend English naturally with the aid of these well done DVDs. Questions email: sales@multilingualbooks.com

or use the contact form below.