Cemmozhi: Tamil Tutor CD ROM

This multimedia CD-ROM is designed using the communicative approach to language learning, which focuses not on grammar, translation, and conjugations, but rather on communicating in whatever way you can. Errors are fine as long as you are able to make yourself understood, and since formal grammar is minimized and practical situations are emphasized, the CD-ROM effectively promotes language learning. When entering the world of this interactive CD, you find yourself in a compelling, interactive environment where learning authentic Tamil becomes a pleasure and not a struggle. The contents of the CD include alphabets, writing practice, basic lessons, common sentences, speech practice, glossary, numbers, stories, songs, proverbs, riddles, tests at each stage for checking your vocabulary power, letter and word recognition skills, and a lot more. There are selected couplets with explanatory notes from Thirukkural, one of the world's finest pieces of poetic literature. Also included are valuable sayings from the widely esteemed Tamil classics Athichuti and Kontraivendhan, carefully covered and explaining their meaning and importance for human life. Requires Windows 95/NT 4.0 or above, a 500 Mhz CPU, 64 MB RAM, and a sound card.
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