Tanacross Athabascan Phrases and Conversations Book and Audio CD


Tanacross Athabascan Phrases and Conversations (Dihthaad Xt'een Iin Aandeeg' / The Mansfield People's Language) by Arnold, Irene Solomon ; Holton, Gary ; Thoman, Rick Students, visitors, and anyone else who seeks an introductory understanding of an Athabascan language will find a useful resource in this book with accompanying audio CD. Native speaker Irene Solomon clearly pronounces words and phrases that are part of everyday life in an Interior Alaska Athabascan community. A guidebook allows readers to follow the spoken language in both Tanacross and English. The book and CD contain 29 sections that include common expressions and questions, general dialogues, place names, and vocabulary for weather, food, animals, and plants. Language: Tanacross (TC01)


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