Tell Me More for Spanish


Tell Me More is Europe's best selling language software, used by major schools, universities and corporations. Tell Me More comes with a "dynamic" mode that automatically adjusts the software according to the learner's needs and results, and includes a cultural workshop, multimedia video and sound, and state-of-the-art speech recognition.

Tell Me More speech recognition technology recognizes what you say, assesses your pronunciation, and corrects any mistakes.

Tell Me More v10 is the most complete and extensive language software available anywhere, providing language learning that is simple-to-use and increasingly effective, making learning a language fun and engaging. Become fluent with 200 interactive dialogues; 20 hours of interactive video; 70 EuroNews lessons incorporating video, vocabulary and grammar exercises to teach you about a current news topic; 60 film clip activities; 20,000 exercises, cultural content, texts, and audio; printable vocabulary lists and grammatical explanations; Audio learning for Pocket PC, MP3 player, and audio CDs that you can create; performance reports and progress tests; interface languages that can be changed at anytime (English, Spanish, German, and French); and tracking tools allow you to visualize your progress throughout the program.


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