The Little Prince in Swedish - Lille Prinson

The Little Prince in Swedish - Lille Prinson


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Equally loved by children and adults alike, The Little Prince is one of the most translated books on the planet - which is fortunate, as we offer editions in many languages for your (or your child's) enjoyment! With wonderful and whimsical illustrations by the author, this delightful tale straddles a world between adulthood and childhood, philosophy and fantasy, satire and fable.  The story is reminiscent not only of the great children's authors of the past, but also of more unclassifiable writers such as Carroll, Milne, and Tolkien, who wrote as much for older as well younger readers, and whose stories are enjoyed by all ages.

 Written in 1943 by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who disappeared shortly after in WWII during a flying mission for the Allies in Northern Africa, it became an instant cult classic and has remained so ever since.

Enjoy The Little Prince in the language of your choice, and check back regularly, as we will be adding new versions as they become available.