The Package of Proficiency in Persian, Book one, and the companion album (5 CDs and 1 DVD)

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The  best respected persian courses available Profiency in Persian is written and designed by Dr. Mehdi Marashi, Author, Professor Emeritus

The Persian in this textbook is selected for you to learn, communicative activities, occuring in daily living situations. Topics like asking questions, making requests, having disagreement, extending invitations, plus other common interactions are covered. From the beginning, the learner is taught to colloquial and written (formal) Persian. A handwriting DVD is included with the book to best instruct the student in the mechanics of the script, since the motions are clearly showin in the video aiding in proper placement of the hand.

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This package includes 1 Book 5 cd's and a DVD

You can also get level two-- or receive all the materials in one comprehensive package.

Dr. Mehdi Marashi, Author, Professor Emeritus




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