The story they tell about Grandmother Spider DVD

Stsoo Kelahdzeey xa nahoholndag / The story they tell about Grandmother Spider by David, Roy H., Sr. ; Lovick, Olga ; Sam, Avis; Sam, Roy; Joe, Ida ; Gobroski, Kelsey The story they tell about Grandmother Spider, also known as the Butterfly Story or the Story of the Two Girls, is one of the classic tales of eastern interior Alaska. In the telling of Mr. David, it is a tale of morality. Young people, especially young women, are urged to keep to the narrow trail of iijih, the moral values of Upper Tanana people. If they don’t do so, they risk “getting lost” literally and figuratively. If a person keeps their iijih and retains their clear-sightedness, they will be able to make their way safely through an ever-changing world. This version of Stsoo Kelahdzeeyxa nahoholndag was told by Mr. David with the goal of making it into a film that could be used for instruction about the traditional language and culture. We included both subtitles and a spoken-in English translation to facilitate comprehension. Recorded, transcribed, and translated by Caleb Brucks and Olga Lovick with the help of Avis Sam, Roy Sam, and Ida Joe. Edited by Benjamin Juhani Halsall. English translation spoken by Kelsey Gobroski. Language: Upper Tanana (UT06)

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