Tin Tin Spanish TINTIN Books in Espanol

Tin Tin Spanish TINTIN Books in Espanol

Tin Tin Spanish TINTIN Books in Espanol


This is an imported books, to make it available we are buying new and  like new copies and offering bundles of three books, we can order the full set as well. Also see our TinTin collection for books in different languages including English.

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You can follow the journalist Tintin and his dog, Snowy, as they ski through the Himalayas, visit opium dens in Hong Kong, explore ancient Aztec temples, and more. Captain Haddock and the blundering Mr. Dupont and the equally blundering Mr. Dupond join Tintin in these exciting detective adventures. The colorful illustrations in these comic-book-style adventures help you learn as you read and are fun to look at, too! Fun for kids and adults.

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Included are all but Tin Tin in the Congo which is not always available.


  1. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets - (Tintin au pays des Soviets) (1929–1930)
  2. Tintin in the Congo - (Tintin au Congo) (1930–1931)
  3. Tintin in America - (Tintin en Amérique) (1931–1932)
  4. Cigars of the Pharaoh - (Les Cigares du Pharaon) (1932–1934)
  5. The Blue Lotus - (Le Lotus bleu) (1934–1935)
  6. The Broken Ear - (L'Oreille cassée) (1935–1937)
  7. The Black Island - (L'Ile noire) (1937–1938)
  8. King Ottokar's Sceptre - (Le Sceptre d'Ottokar) (1938–1939)
  9. The Crab with the Golden Claws - (Le Crabe aux pinces d'or) (1940–1941)
  10. The Shooting Star - (L'Etoile mystérieuse) (1941–1942)
  11. The Secret of the Unicorn - (Le Secret de la Licorne) (1942–1943)
  12. Red Rackham's Treasure - (Le Trésor de Rackam le Rouge) (1943)
  13. The Seven Crystal Balls - (Les Sept boules de cristal) (1943–1946)
  14. Prisoners of the Sun - (Le Temple du soleil) (1946–1948)
  15. Land of Black Gold - (Tintin au pays de l'or noir) (1948–1950) 1
  16. Destination Moon - (Objectif Lune) (1950–1953)
  17. Explorers on the Moon - (On a marché sur la Lune) (1950–1953)
  18. The Calculus Affair - (L'Affaire Tournesol) (1954–1956)
  19. The Red Sea Sharks - (Coke en stock) (1956–1958)
  20. Tintin in Tibet - (Tintin au Tibet) (1958–1959)
  21. The Castafiore Emerald - (Les Bijoux de la Castafiore) (1961–1962)
  22. Flight 714 - (Vol 714 pour Sydney) (1966–1967)
  23. Tintin and the Picaros - (Tintin et les Picaros) (1975–1976)
  24. Tintin and Alph-Art - (Tintin et l'Alph-Art): Unfinished work, published posthumously in 1986, and republished with more material in 2004.