VAI Complete GED DVD Series

Do you want to get your GED? Well, you’re in luck! Video Aided Instruction now has a new, enhanced DVD editions of their bestselling GED program. These interactive DVDs replace the VHS versions that have been preparing students for the new, tougher GED exams since 2002. An intensive review for the five GED tests - with an added volume for mastering the Casio FX-260 Solar Calculator - this phenomenal series prepares students for even the toughest GED questions. With these DVDs, Video Aided Instruction makes studying for the GED easier than ever before - and guides viewers toward that all-important diploma, a better job, and, of course, higher self-esteem. The 6 volumes included in this series cover GED Language Arts, Reading; GED Language Arts, Writing; GED Mathematics; GED Calculator Essentials; GED Science; and GED Social Studies. From writing a winning essay to interpreting business documents to solving quadratic equations to using your calculator, Video Aided Instruction will help students master all the skills needed to pass the new GED! 14 DVDs/24 Hrs.
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