Even More Slang Terms for 2021

Even More Slang Terms for 2021

kenneth tomkins ·

"This ain't it chief" A way to express disapproval. Usually a reaction to something offensive

Sksksksksks A way of expressing excitement

Big Yikes - Another way of expressing that someone has taken it too far. 

We move - Another way to say move on

Sus - Suspicious "That person is hella sus"

Sleep on - to remain ignorant

CEO - A way to say that someone is the best at something

Simp - Someone willing to do anything, placating, acquiescent. Usually used for me who fall all over womene. 

Hits Differently - Something that makes you feel emotional. "The ending of that movie hit differently."

Get after it - Kind of like "let's roll" or "let's hit it". A way to get a group to get going.

Real one - Someone special in your life. A real person, a real one. 

Mutuals - To follow and be followed by on social media. "Yeah me and Beyonce are mutuals"

Periodt- You add it at the end of an argument just like "period" for emphais, but more. 

Bet - A shortenend version of the sarcastic way "Oh I bet" is used after not really believing what someone has stated. Also, short for "You bet" a form of agreement "Will you wash my car?" "You bet"

Fit - Short for outfit, especially a great looking outfit. 

Lewk - An exaggerated form of the term "look" for a great look. 

Finsta - A second instagram account that is separate and different than the more public profile, sometimes kept secret known only to a small group. 

Cuffed - in a  commited relationship

tbh - to be honest

gonna tell my kids - from a meme that, for example, shows a picture of a random family and says "I'm gonna tell my kids this is the first family" A funny way to say, how you're going to alter reality in little ways for the next generation. 

dragging - to say something negative or disrespectful about someone

wya - where you at

oof - Not knowing how to respond after something bad or surprising happens

sadfishing - Fishing for attention by using sad posts

no cap - not lying. no lie

ima kms - sarcastically short for "I'm going to kill myself" when something bad or embarrassing happens. 

i'm weak - When something is so funny and you're laughing so hard you say "I'm weak"