Top 21 Slang Words for 2021

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Top Slang words of 2021

Slang is an ever evolving language phenomenon. With the internet and text being the main forms of communication in these times, slang and idioms are upgrading even faster than ever before! Volumes of information can be conveyed in obscure and quirky ways. Here are twenty-one slang words or phrases which really amplify the spirit of 2021.

Extra: Often extra is used about something that is so over the top which other descriptors don’t accurately convey it. It can be used in a positive or negative way. For example, “She was screaming and shouting so much that she was extra!” Or,

"He put on a fabulous shirt that was extra”. “Don’t apologize for being extra!”

Fire: Fire is used to describe something that is very exciting and excellent. “This track is fire!” Or, “It's so fire that he got that promotion!”

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Mood: Often this word is paired with a picture in a meme to compare whatever the mood is. It can be positive or negative, depending on the context. For instance, a picture of kittens napping paired with “mood”.

Can’t even: This is used when your emotions are so intense that you are nearly speechless, or you no longer have patience for the subject. “I can’t even anymore with this conversation!”

Take several seats: This term is an excellent way of telling someone they are being annoying, without having to say that in so many words. For instance, perhaps a friend keeps droning on and on about a certain topic that you no longer want to discuss and most likely disagree with. State a firm “take several seats!” to silence them!

Say less: Another variation of telling someone to shut up more delicately. A friend is giving way too many details about the mundane activities of their day and you don’t have the patience to listen. Tell them, “Say less”.

Bumping: Often referring to high energy music, or to an exciting event. “This beat is bumping!” or “This party is bumping!”

Gifting: When random acts of kindness are perpetuated without need for a return that is gifting. Burning Man celebrates gifting to be a regular part of the culture. Gifting can be as simple as offering someone a drink of water, or food, and ranging up to physical items. Gifting can easily be incorporated into the “default” world. Examples of gifting are Little Free Libraries, Little Free Pantries, or even saying hello to strangers.

Glamping: Glamping is often done at festivals, but can be accomplished anytime one wants to camp in comfort. There is a difference between being a camper and a glamper. A camper has the basic utilitarian supplies one needs for a camping trip, some more minimal than others. Glamping adds an extra level of emphasis on comfort, and relishes an almost homey atmosphere. Lots of blankets and bedding, sometimes even furniture are included for a glamping spread. Full length mirrors are often brought, as well as lots of lights and other decor, such as stuffed animals residing as “mascots” for the glamp.

Newark New Jersey Slang for 2021.


Tea: This refers to gossip, the latest news or stories, rather than the drink. “What’s the tea?”

Teef: Anytime animals are referred to on the internet, cutesy language is inferred to them. Teef are the teeth of any animal.  “Look at those cute teef on that doggy smile!”

Peets: Another cutesy animal term, referring to an animal’s feet. “The peets on that caterpillar are adorable!”

Toe Beans: A term specifically for a cat’s toes. “My cat’s toe beans are super cute.”

Boujee: A vernacular shortening of the word, “bourjois”, and meaning fancy, or upscale. “Wow! That restaurant sure looks boujee!”

Salty: To be jealous or angry. “Don’t be so salty about being cut off in traffic!”

Yeet: An expression of excitement, glee, surprise,  used when doing a dance move or getting down.  "Yeet!"  "That spin move was yeet!"


Snack: Referring to an extra attractive person, in that they look good enough to eat. “That guy over there sure is a snack!”

Killin’ it: Can either mean looking particularly stylish, or doing well in life or an activity. “Joe really has been killin’ it at his job lately!” “That outfit is killin’ it!”

Fam: Short for family; usually about a close group of friends, tribe, squad. “What’s up fam?”

I’m out: I am leaving now. “Are you going to watch the movie with us?” “Naw, I’m out!”

I’m good: A multipurpose comment of which the meaning changes depending on context. Can mean a literal, “I am doing well”. Often used as an alternative to no thank you. “Do you want some more cookies?” “I’m good.” “Do you want to come on the hike?” “I’m good”.

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