1950's Movies with Spanish Subtitles

kenneth parnell ·

One way to improve our Spanish or for Spanish speakers to improve their English skills is through movies, translated or subtitled.  Here we have collected some classic movies you can watch with subtitles in Spanish. Also see Spanish Radio, Spanish Magazines, Spanish Downloads

12 Angry Men (Doce Hombres sin Piedad) - Deal With It (Spanish Subs)

A ROOSTER IN SOMEONE ELSE'S BARNYARD (1950) Spanish - Full Movie - Captioned

THE HIDDEN (1956) Spanish - Full Movie - Captioned                                              The film revolves around a tragic love affair that bridges the causes of, and the early years of the Mexican Revolution. Public domain film.


THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE (1951) Spanish - Full Movie - Captioned