ESL Videos and Dvd Courses for Spanish speakers Learning English

kenneth tomkins ·

Learning English through video is fun and effective. The videos here are made for Spanish speakers learning English and many can be purchased in our ESL DVD collection. You may also enjoy Slang videos for English.

The First video is from the three DVD series -- Speak to Win a fun way to learn the basics. It is available.

Again we present a video aiming to be fun and designed to teach English to children or adults. The full first DVD is presented here all one hour plus.

Speak to Me is the next video featured. This series is filmed only in English, and includes a book with Spanish translations, or any of eight other languages. It is one of the more intensive options with 3 levels and 9 dvd's. 

 An interesting animated video. 

Here is a photo from an American treasure the Horseshoe Bend Canyon